React Javascript RubyOnRails

Latest Contract Work

Within the last couple of years I worked for various clients as a specialist in Javascript, React and Ruby on Rails. Here is a short summary of what I did in my latest contract work without mentioning the clients ☺️


Maintaining and evolving an application for press relations.

Ruby on Rails, React, PostgreSql, SOLR and Kafka

Also doing interactive data visualisations in an enterprise environment.

D3.js, Javascript

2021-2022 Enterprise JS Package

Created and documented a javascript package for company wide use to collect payment and billing information.

React, GraphQL (Apollo), Jest, Selenium

2021 ERP System Frontend

For a company in the field of wood industry I was responsible for Frontend development and UX. This included automatic api code generation with OpenApi and Typescript, creating a UI library and styleguide, generic typed custom hooks for complex forms, tables and filters. Also we figured out the UX for specialized business processes like wood data import, while also implementing the data format conversion from special wood data formats.

React, Typescript, Hooks, OpenApi, React Testing Library, OpenApi Mock Server, Webpack, Github Actions, CSS

2019-2020 Fintech Fullstack

Helped to connect a Ruby on Rails fintech app to a CRM system using OAuth and Sidekiq Workers. Also helped refactoring and redesigning the React frontend.

React, Typescript, Redux, OpenApi, D3.js, Ruby On Rails, Docker, Github Actions, CSS

2018 News Portal Fullstack

Added features to a news portal doing backend and frontend work.

React, Redux, SQL, Ruby On Rails

2017 Documentation tool

In a team of three helped to create a multi language SAAS tool for documentation. Key challenges were complex decision trees and revisions for files.

React, Ruby On Rails