UITextField cursor change notifications

If you need this feature, you will probably be a little bit annoyed, that only UITextViews do have this possibility. After the following web search you will be even more annoyed.

But what works for me is easy to implement and not hacky at all. Key...

iMessage style keyboard in iOS 8

After spending the last days with making my iOS App, Boutiquiee, ready for iOS 8, I wanted to share my thoughts and findings. First to sum up what I mean by iMessage style. I would say 90% of the known apps that feature comments or messages have this...

Android viewport not working issues

Some fun facts about the Android 4 viewport I learned the hard way:

  • If you use a viewport width of 320, the width is ignored! You have to use 321. You don’t believe it? Try it.
  • If you define a viewport that is bigger than the “natural” viewport...
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