Free Proxy Tool for mobile development

If you need to develop more complex web applications that cannot be accessed via ip on your mobile device (I have read it is not possible to use a proxy on older Android devices?), a proxy is the easiest and fastest solution in my opinion. While there are solutions like Charles, that have many possibilities via a UI, but cost money, there is a free tool called SquidMan, which is a UI for the proxy caching software Squid. The best of this tool is the logo, which is a pink octopus, but also that it is easy and fast to setup, and free. Just install and keep all the default values, except, and that is why I write this, except the config template value httpaccess deny tolocalhost. You have to comment that out, otherwise you will get an “Access denied” message every time you want to access content served by the same device that the proxy is running on, and that is exactly what you want.. All that is left to do is put the ip address of your mac and the port (default is 8080) in your mobile device, on iOS go to your wifi settings->yourWifiNetwork->at the bottom you can choose proxy.

If you also need bandwidth throttling you can turn this on by editing the template file (also in the ui) by adding these lines at the bottom:

delaypools 1 delayclass 1 1 delayaccess 1 allow all delayparameters 1 64000/64000 # 512 kbits == 64 kbytes per second

You can edit the last one to your like, more info on the wiki page