Useful Drupal Modules

While doing three Drupal related projects the last few weeks, my own page included, I have discovered some useful modules that can help to make your life easier if you do not already know them. Order your views - Draggable Views Views is a very powerful module when it comes to selecting content. In most cases you do not want to order the elements of a view in an exact order, but if so, this module does a good job. I checked different modules for that purpose, but this one was the best for me. You can order your content with drag and drop as you know it from Taxonomy.

Flexibility for menus - Menu Block If you need to position your menus in blocks you do not need a module. But Menu Block gives you the ability to render specific levels of a menu tree and create as many blocks as you like. It is also useful that there are theming functions added for the fields of every block so that you can control the output easily.

Edit Blocks without giving permission - Node Blocks Sometimes it is the fastest way to put content in a block if that content is repeating on different pages. No problem when creating the page, but if somebody edits the page he will find the block page disturbing and can by the way break the page eventually. With this module you can provide a block for selected node types, so that your client does not need to edit any block…

Publish options for site maintainers - Publish Content I do not really understand why it is only possible to publish and unpublish content if you have the rights to edit and delete all content. In my opinion that is a mistake, because then people who maintain the page can really break something. This module fixes this behavior to what it should be from the start. If you want to have even more options Override Node Options module is the right choice for you.

To be continued…