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New Projects

Modern web development is a complex mix of many different technologies to master. The starting point of a project is therefore to answer the question of which technologies can be used to achieve the goal.

Over the past few years, a technology stack has emerged for my projects, with which the vast majority of web projects can be scaled, maintained and performed with high performance.

From choosing the right hosting to avoiding SaaS subscriptions, I always keep an eye on spending, and put special emphasis on modular, interchangeable blocks in the software architecture.

This principle allows you to start small and scale as needed while having a maintainable application. Greenlandic projects are a welcome opportunity to embrace best practices and create an application that will serve you for years to come, as well as being easily maintained, possibly by other teams.

Working on complex web projects requires regular feedback. Only in this way can large projects be implemented to the satisfaction of the customer (agile work).

Technologies that are used regularly:

Legacy projects

Many successful web applications have grown historically over the years. Working on such a project is certainly a different challenge than the new development, but it comes down to gradually introducing the principles of modularity mentioned under the point of new development.

This can be a very tedious process that requires a lot of caution. Existing good automated tests are a prerequisite, and may need to be created first.

Adapting the technology stack, as often required in the front-end, is all about carefully considering different options, as such modification can be easily underestimated and can result in high operator costs and little user benefit.


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