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Convert ogv HTML5 Video

Searching for the best way to convert high quality ogv videos to use with Mozilla Browsers, I realized that most converters produce crappy quality. This was the case for VLC and Miro Video Converter. Most converters you can download for free are just...

Free Proxy Tool for mobile development

If you need to develop more complex web applications that cannot be accessed via ip on your mobile device (I have read it is not possible to use a proxy on older Android devices?), a proxy is the easiest and fastest solution in my opinion. While there...

A Live Feed with Drupal, node.js and

Shortly I needed to create a real time live feed for the page. While there where realtime solutions around before node.js arrived, I like the idea to use javascript and the light-weight approach of it.

Combination Like - Facebook App with Ruby on Rails

I wanted to make a Rails app and had the idea to make something with the new Timeline actions that Facebook added recently. Now you can like things with the Graph Api. The idea was that you can like combinations of things, for example if you like something...

Safari Ajax Upload hanging fix

Several times I realized that in Safari the file upload via Ajax does not finish, especially when using Drupal forms. It is probably a Safari bug, but it is not really an alternative to wait for the fix, because the first time I saw this behaviour was with the release of Safari 5.

Xcode 4.2 and older iOS Devices

This is just a reminder for me, because I just caught myself solving the same problem the second time. If you are using an older device like 2g or 3g and your app does not install without any errors, try following these steps.

Another advantage of a responsive layout

When I decided to make my page responsive I thought about mobile devices and pads, but I did not think of Facebook tabs or apps. Today I wanted to freshen up my Facebook Fanpage a little bit, just pointed Facebook to the url et voila, it works (of course… except with SSL, I don’t have yet). But…